Security Alarm Systems

Offering PowerSeries Neo Systems with 

Security Protection Systems

Scalable Security Systems


We can custom fit a security system for any size customer, big or small. Our security systems are meant to provide the ultimate in intrusion detection.

Mobile Device Notifications


Our customers love the fact that they can receive notifications from their security systems no matter where they are in the world.

Voice Recognition


Our systems stay up to date with voice recognition integration through Google Home and Alexa Voice Recognition

Theft Deterrent


Security Alarm Systems keep the theft rate down, in turn, providing a safe neighborhood for families!

Save money on Insurance


Most insurance companies will offer discounts to customers with security alarm systems implemented in their homes. 

Life Safety Devices


Our systems don't only detect an intrusion, but also fire, smoke, flooding, motion, doors left open, and lights left on. We can keep you safe, at work and home!